What should you look for in a DIRECTV Internet bundles?

directv bundlesWhen you are trying to decide what satellite TV to go with the natural choice is to jump online and read as many of the DIRECTV Internet reviews as you can find. The problem is that whether you are looking on Directtvinternetreviews.com or any other type of consumer reporting sites, you may not be finding all the information that you need. Depending on the site, and the focus of its audience, you may get more information about one aspect of the package then a balance view that will help you decide who to go with. Here are the 4 basic parts of a review that need to be covered in order for you to make the right decision when choosing an Internet provider.

What types of bundles are available?

Bundling refers to the types of channel bundles available from a DIRECTV bundle. Review sites will often make the mistake of bundling together price and packaging so that you aren’t really getting clear information. While price is the next important element to consider, you have to really look at what is offered by the network. Not all of the Internet providers will provide the same packages of sports and entertainment in every geographic area. Make sure you know which access package has the channels you want to see on it.

What are the pricing options?

The next step is to examine the pricing options. Be careful here, there are a lot of incentive programs which can deliver premium channel packages for less than a basic package price but only for a few months. After that, you could get locked into a price that you can’t afford. To really select the right package and price you need to know your budget and to plan for the future. Make sure you take the holiday months into consideration when planning what you can afford. December and January can strain just about everyone’s budget even if you don’t celebrate the specific holidays that occur then. Make sure that it is easy to afford the package you want all year round, and read the small print to make sure no price increases are built into the package.

What is involved with the installation?

directv installationInstallation is the next area you need to find on your review sites. Installation includes three different parts – who is doing the outside installation of the dish? Who is connecting the inside hardware to your TV and the outside dish? Who is paying for what part of the installation? Make sure that if a review lists that an installation is free that is specifies that the indoor hookup is included or that could become an extra cost for you.

How is their Customer service?

Fortunately, more and more review sites are listing comments about how good a DIRECTV Internet customer service really is. Customer service isn’t something you think about when you are getting something new, but should you ever have a problem with your service, you want to be with a provider that has a reputation of having a good one. Customer service isn’t just about having someone answering your call or email in a timely manner; it also has to do with how they treat customers and how well they can resolve your problem too.